What to Wear

Grab everything you have in bold colors and patterns; no logos or cartoon characters, and we’ll put together outfits. Really! The camera loves bright, happy, youthful clothes. Polka dots, stripes, kid-prints, and fun fabrics with lots of texture like summer cottons, sweaters, knits, corduroy, and denim. Layering adds depth and appeal to an image, so try sandwiching short-sleeves over long, or wearing a jacket or sweater, tights or leggings with a dress or skirt, etc. Simple is also nice; a flowing dress or plain tee and jeans. 

It’s important for kids to have at least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities. Bring that item she’s attached to lately; a hat, or a fun dress/skirt, necklace, or cool shoes. Maybe your little guy insists on wearing a favorite t-shirt or pair of boots nearly everyday; let him bring them along! And if they really can't leave {insert security item here} at home, that is just fine. It's part of who they are at that moment in time. Why not have it in photos so it's there to look back on?




You should grab a few different outfits to use during your session. Make sure you follow the same suggestion with both dressy and both casual, and by all means, include a bit of your personalities. Bring a jeans outfit; girls wear colorful tops/jackets, guys with a complimenting color t-shirt or button-up. A dress for her, and dress pants w/button-up and tie for him. Boots, hats, jackets, jewelry, or shoes will add personality and style.

Think about where we are shooting and choose appropriate clothes. Think classic, no big motifs or wording on your clothes and nothing too 'trendy' as this will date your images quickly.

If we are going to an appropriate location why not dress up a bit, a dress and heels looks fabulous or jeans, a shirt and suit jacket for the guys. You will feel amazing and in turn, look amazing.

If it's a winter shoot in the park don’t just pop your jeans, sneakers and winter coat on. Tights and a skirt, a chunky knit cardigan with a belt, hat scarf, gloves and cute knee high boots are far more stylish. I'm all for taking breaks to warm up in the car, too. If you're braving the cold, so will I!




Coordinating, but NOT exactly matching. There’s so much more to you and your family than khakis and white dress shirts, so this is the time to show your colors! Here are few general guidelines for family clothing:

*Everyone should be in the same style; all dressy or all casual.

*Stick with similar or complimentary color tones and fabrics (ie. everyone in pastels or jewel tones).

*Please, no white or one-color schemes. (ie. all red shirts)

Moms should stand out (dresses/skirts or fashionable jeans, and heels), Dads should compliment, and kids should have at least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities, like a hat, or a fun t-shirt under a jacket, or cool shoes.


Babies + Kids


Simple is best. Babies and toddlers look best in very little. For older babies, a few cute simple outfits, t-shirts or even a diaper with a simple cover works fine. Keep it comfortable and simple. Changing their clothing too often can spoil a good mood, so we’ll play it by-ear. 

Please don't panic if your child's clothes get a little dirt on them during the session. I encourage children to explore, have fun, and be relaxed. So if a puddle of pile of leaves prices too irresistible to your little one, it's ok, don't worry. I want to capture the curiosity and joy of childhood through real images. These photographs are memories of your children in a natural environment - not a clean, posed studio.