About Stef.

I am a lifestyle portrait & wedding photographer. I love using natural light to capture your real moments. I see beauty in all the light & shadows, reflections, subtle looks & touches, raw emotions  . . . . and I am a firm believer in being yourself.

I like to photograph in space you're comfortable in, so we won't be sitting in a studio. Let's head to a place that is meaningful to you. It can be a park, that coffee shop where you two first met, the State Fair, or even just hang out at home in the backyard. You'd be surprised how great that backyard looks with the right angles, light, and activity.

I live in St. Paul, MN with my hubby, Nate and am fur-momma to a goofy, snuggly boy, Reuben.

I love to read and always have a book with me. I've even perfected walking and reading - while not running into anything.

I live in flip flops once the snow melts in the spring until it falls in the autumn. Otherwise I'm in flats (LOVE my Tieks) or my favorite boots from my mom for my birthday. 

I love to cook + bake. I'm addicted to coffee, Diet Coke, Costco, and Pinterest. I'm a Whovian, Trekkie and Star Wars fangirl. I love old musicals, John Wayne movies, and old Science-Fiction films. I play my fair share of video games - mostly RPG on my PS4 - and I've always been a fan of The Sims.

Road trips have to be some of the best adventures. You can learn a lot from someone when you travel with them. My husband and I took an amazing road trip for 9 days down to Route 66, across the southwest, then up and down California. 

Some of my favorite memories of childhood are the weekend trips to the cabin or discovering the country piled in the back of the van with my two brothers - annoying each other to no end, of course.  

I'd love to get to know you and photograph you, as you are. Now is reason enough to take photos.