I am a lifestyle portrait & wedding photographer, seeing photographic awesomeness in the light & shadows, subtle looks & touches, and of course all those dorky moments in-between. I initially picked up photography as a hobby but it quickly turned into a passion. Once I saw an idea in my head recreated in a photo, I knew I found what I wanted to do with that creativity. 

I am a firm believer in being yourself and letting that shine through during your session. I love getting to show my clients what the rest of us see - happiness, love, and real connections. If you have a serious side, show me... have a sweet dance move that gets your loved ones giggling uncontrollably, you better do it! I also want to see how fiercely you love, how warm and strong your hugs are, how close your bond is, and above all - I want to see you.

When I started photography 8 years ago, I didn't always want to be a wedding photographer. But after second shooting my first one 5 years ago, I was hooked. Being surrounded by all that happiness and love was intoxicating and I wanted more. I am always in awe when I document a wedding. All of your family and friends coming together, from all over the planet in some cases, to celebrate your love is a sight to behold. Whenever I am able to document such a momentous day in your lives, it's something I take very seriously and give with my whole heart. It is a serious day, but it's also an incredibly fun day!! You're getting married!! It's already been a nerve-wracking roller-coaster to get here, so for it to be a stress-free day, I help guide it to tell the best story. After photographing over 35 weddings, I've learned a few tricks for what you might not have thought of and to combat the unexpected moments that inevitably come up on the day. I have had the honor of becoming practically one of the family and have made some amazing relationships along the way. I have laughed along with the jokes while everyone is getting ready, related to the stories told during speeches, and have cried many tears during the vows and first dances - I can't help it. I keep a bag, and car, full of goodies on your day to ensure I have everything I need to make you look even more fabulous than you already do. My extracurricular skills include knowing all kinds of dress bustles, fixing hairdos in a pinch, corsage and boutonniere pinning, bouquet carrying and admiring (seriously, tell me ALL about your florals), obsessing over your accessories and details, and basically am your person for the day. It's important to me for you to have fun on your wedding day. It goes by fast.


I'm a Chicago-born girl that moved to the Twin Cities when I was 15. Next to my family, I miss the food and downtown sights more than anything. The Twin Cities also has some amazing food and I'm always up for trying new spots, especially if they remind me of home. So far, no one can get the pizza quite right.

I live in St. Paul, MN with my hubby, Nate and am fur-momma to a goofy & snuggly boy, Reuben. Never have I had a dog as dorky & playful one minute, then needs Mama snuggles and kisses the next.  

Once the snow melts in the Spring - sometimes that is May or even June in MN - I live in flip flops until it falls again in the autumn. Otherwise I'm in flats - I LOVE my Tieks!! You'll most likely see me running around your wedding in a pair. I haven't been able to find another pair of flats that don't make my feet feel horrible after a 12-hour wedding day.

I LOVE to read and almost always have a book with me. I have a never-ending reading list and still have a hard time staying out of a bookstore. What's one more book? I haven't been able to make the switch to digital reading. There's just something about that feel and smell of an actual book that always wins. 

Cooking + baking are hobbies I don’t do nearly enough, but I make up for it by binge-watching Great British Baking. Yes please to pizza, pasta, burgers, awesome sandwiches (yes, my dog is named after my favorite) & bbq-anything. Salty snacks over sweet any day, but nothing beats a piece of kick-ass cake after a long wedding day.

Coffee, Diet Coke, Strawberry Sprinkle Donuts (think Homer Simpson's fave), Costco, and Pinterest are a few more of my loves. I play my fair share of video games on my PS4 and I've always been a fan of The Sims. 

I'm a fangirl of Doctor Who, Star Trek + Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, Pixar and pretty much every other kind. I love old musicals, John Wayne movies, and old Science-Fiction films. We have a very extensive movie library and watch a movie a day. You name it - we probably have it. 

Road trips are some of the best adventures. Nate and I took an amazing trip for 9 days down to Route 66, across the southwest, then up and down California and managed to not murder the other. Major win!! Also, our country is breathtakingly gorgeous. If you can, take a road trip! 

If you’ve read this far, you can probably tell I’m a big loud dork but hopefully you found some things we have in common. I’m also an introvert that LOVES her quiet and alone time. Nothing beats a big cup of something and a good book to recharge. 

Get in touch with me if you think we’d get along and make something awesome together. Head to my Instagram and Facebook pages for a like and follow and more of what I’m up to!